End of trip facilities with all the frills: Bike Parking

With economies all around the world still struggling, and climate change and congestion ongoing problems, it makes sense to encourage more and more people to cycle to work. Cycling is not only good for physical and mental health but better for the environment and it reduces congestion. A key to improving cycling rates for employees is to provide high quality end of trip facilities. End-of-trip facilities are designated places that support cyclists, joggers and walkers in using alternative ways to travel to work rather than driving or taking public transport. These types of facilities also benefit people who exercise during their lunch break. End-of-trip facilities include:
  • secure bicycle parking
  • locker facilities
  • change rooms
Not only are these facilities beneficial to employees but the employer gets something in return by way of increased productivity and the well documented benefits exercise brings to individuals who then bring this into their workplace. In the case of a building owner the benefits include increase tenancy rates and rental returns. End-of-trip facilities are not just a trend, they are now required by many government bodies and councils throughout Australia, and the world, to be included in new and refurbished developments. "The evidence shows that the bigger and better an end-of trip facility is, the more people will choose to ride to work." - Bikeweek2017.com.au According to Bike Week 2017.com there are many factors that make up VIP end of trip facilities...
  • "LOCATION: The facility should be close to the workplace with the bike parking, lockers and showers all in the same place. No one wants to walk a long way in bike shoes or sneak through the office in a towel after a shower.
  • WAYFINDING: People need to be able to find the facility easily, from both outside and inside the building. Signs, floor markings and directional arrows can help show the way.
  • GOOD SECURITY: Good security is essential – people must feel comfortable leaving their bikes and belongings. Electronic locks and swipe cards can be a great way to control who has access. CCTV coverage of the bike parking can also give extra piece of mind.
  • BIKE PARKING: A good mix of vertical and horizontal-style bike racks will enable the facility to cater for different types of bikes. Make sure the racks are sturdy and fixed well to the floor or wall. A roof can also help protect bikes from the elements.
  • LOCKERS: There should be at least one secure locker per bike rack. They need to be big enough to store spare clothes, bike helmets, shoes, toiletries etc.
  • SHOWERS AND CHANGING ROOMS – These should be clean and spacious with separate areas for males and females. Providing free toiletries and access to hairdryers and hair straighteners is a nice touch too.
  • TOWELS: A towel service is a fantastic extra. It also means the facility won’t be cluttered by towels hanging up to dry.
  • DRYING ROOM: A warm, well-ventilated drying room is great for both sweaty and rainy days.
  • BIKE REPAIR STAND: A stand with a floor pump and some basic tools can help sort out simple mechanical problems.
  • SPARES VENDING MACHINE: A vending machine stocked with essentials such as inner tubes, CO2 canisters and snacks can save the day.
  • BIKE MECHANIC: Regular visits by a mobile bike mechanic can help keep bikes running smoothly
  • WATER FOUNTAIN: A supply of cool water to keep drink bottles topped up.
  • CHARGING STATION: Dedicated bike racks that enable people to securely charge their electric bikes. "
To read more visit bikeweek.com.au Steadyrack is leading the way in providing vertical wall mounted bike parking solutions to accommodate a range of bikes including bikes with fenders and fat tyres. Steadyrack is preferred by many leading architects and specifiers and has been installed on large scale to buildings, government departments, universities and hospitals throughout the world. Contact us today to talk about how Steadyrack can help you with your End of trip facilities. Sales@steadyrack.com