Bike Storage for a Small Space or Balcony

When space is short, creativity is needed to find the best spot to store your bikes! There are a few ways you can store bikes in small spaces. Our customers have been creative over the years with storing them in cupboards, creating bike storage cabinets specifically around their bikes, and finding nooks and crannies around their home where they can install a Steadyrack. Bike storage for small spaces is easy with quality storage that’s designed specifically to save space.

The trick with finding bike storage in a small space is to get creative with where you store your bikes. One solution could be installing your Steadyrack’s behind a door! With Steadyrack’s ability to pivot up to 160-degrees left and right, you can pivot your bikes away from the door, meaning there will be no issue with opening and closing it as normal. Another option is to store your bikes in a cupboard, or even create a bike storage cabinet, perfect if you’re short on space!

Steadyrack Makes Balcony Bike Storage Easy

For many apartment-dwellers who already have limited room, balconies could be the only place where there is enough space to store your bikes. If your building does not have bike parking, or you’re having difficulties finding space inside your apartment, then balcony bike storage is likely the best solution for you. Steadyrack bike racks are the ideal storage fix, so long as your balcony is closed in, or protected from the elements. To learn more about our warranty guidelines, head to our Standard Warranty page here!

Balcony Bike Storage – Installation & Tips

For balcony bike storage, the first important step is to measure your space and plan where you will install your Steadyrack. With their ability to pivot 160-degrees left and right, you can install them anywhere and pivot your bikes out of the way, saving heaps of space in an area that is typically small! No lifting is required to store your bike in a Steadyrack, making them easy and safe to use on balconies. Once you know where you will install your Steadyrack, it’s time to get to work! For installation tips on creating bike storage in a small space, head to our Installation page here.

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