Which Bicycle Storage Type Are You? [Guide]

So, you have a bicycle (or maybe two, or three, or ten). But where do you store it? As you probably know, there's countless products out there to help you organise your bikes and store them in a more efficient and practical way, but have you really found the right bicycle storage solution for you? Read on to discover which bike storage type you are and what solution you need for your space.

TYPE 1: The 'I Have No Space'

  • You don't have a lot of extra space for storage in your home.
  • Your bikes are taking over your home/garage/bedroom/kitchen/living spaces.
  • In order to fit your bike in your home, it's either stored in an obscure or impractical way, or is left outside.
  • For example: those who live in apartments, units, townhouses, or who don't have a lot of free/unused space.

Your Bicycle Storage Solution

If you're a Type 1, you'll need a bicycle storage solution that will make the most of the space you do have. Steadyrack's vertical bike racks can be installed in a staggered pattern on the wall and as close as 350mm apart. This means you can fit more bikes in the same space. They also pivot almost 160 degrees against the wall, making them the perfect option for narrow spaces such as full garages, sheds or near doors.

TYPE 2: The 'I Have Too Many Bikes'

  • Over the years you seemed to have collected more bikes than you have cars.
  • You bought a bike for others in your household so that they could enjoy bicycling as much as you do.
  • You would have enough space in your house if you sold your bikes, but that won't be happening in the near future.
  • For example: cycling enthusiasts, families with multiple bikes, those with busy garages.

Your Bicycle Storage Solution

Let's face it - you can never have too many bikes. But you can have limited space to store them. If you're a Type 2, you'll need a bicycle storage solution that makes the most sense for your space. Steadyrack bike racks are a versatile option that functions by cradling your front wheel - so there's no damage to your rims or frame. By storing your bikes vertically, this will ensure that they're safely stored and won't be easily knocked over. The best part about these racks, is their unique 160 degree pivot feature - meaning you can maximise your space by simply pivoting adjacent bikes out of the way to access yours.

TYPE 3: The 'I Have No Time'

  • You live a busy life, which means you have no time to put extra effort into storing your bike.
  • Your home can be classified as 'organised chaos' - you know where everything is, but sometimes it might take a while to find it.
  • Your bikes are stored in the same way; they're there but often you need to move other things to access them.
  • For example: families, couples, singles - in fact, this can be anyone!

Your Bicycle Storage Solution

If you've got a lot on your plate, you probably don't need the added hassle of storing your bike. One of the great features with our Steadyrack bike racks is the fact that there's no heavy lifting required to store your bike. Simply pull down the arms of the rack, line your front wheel up, push and roll your bike in. For those who don't want to juggle their bikes onto hooks or complicated pulley systems (or for those who have heavy mountain or eBikes) these racks are the simple, safe and stress-free way to store their bike, this is it. It also means that anyone from the grandkids to grandma can use Steadyrack bike racks.