Why the Pivot Feature makes the Steadyrack so Unique

The Patented Steadyrack's unique pivot

If you have seen our Steadyracks, you may be aware of one of the unique features of our Bicycle Storage Solution; the Pivot.

The Steadyrack is the solution that has your whole family in mind. This is precisely what gave CEO and Founder David Steadman the inspiration to create it in the first place. It was the everyday frustrating problem of being unable to park in his garage because of family bikes lying around. David found that his family were not able to easily store their bikes due the requirement of uncomfortable lifting. When engineering his solution, David wanted a product that took away the need to lift. From this thought, Steadyrack was born. We now have a wider selection to cater to a range of bikes. Our Classic, Mountain Bike, Fender, and Fat Rack all Pivot almost 180 degrees to the left and right on the wall. Depending on the width of the handlebars, saddle height, and pedals, the Steadyrack folds until the handlebars touch the wall. The end result of innovative thinking?
  • Takes up the least amount of storage space.
  • Requires no lifting
  • Incredibly simple to load for people of all ages, capabilities, and strengths.
The unique Pivot action means that when storing your bikes, they can overlap when they’re not in use – to save even more space.

Why Pivot?

This patented and revolutionary design of Steadyrack helps in saving floor space. As well as this, our customers cannot get enough of the clean aesthetic of their racks. Since you can mount your Steadyrack to virtually any wall, you can create a space that isn’t just for storing your bike - but also displaying and loving your bike creatively. Our innovative Pivot feature allows Steadyrack to be seen globally as the premium storage solution. Our Steadyracks are installed all around the world in some of the biggest offices like Facebook, Giant Bikes, Apple, Google, ENVE, and many more…